Specialized Therapeutic Massage of CNY

Discount Packages and Memberships


 Monthly Treatment Plans

 Two (30) Minute Sessions_$40

Three (30) Minute Sessions_$60

Four (30) Minute Sessions_$85


Two (45) Minute Sessions_$60

Three (45) Minute Sessions_$90

Four (45) Minute Sessions_$125


Two (60) Minute Sessions_$80

 Three (60) Minute Sessions_$120

 Four (60) Minute Sessions_$160


Two (75) Minute Session_$100

Three (75) Minute Sessions_$150

Four (75) Minute Sessions_$200


 Two (90) Minute Sessions_$125

 Three (90) Minute Sessions_$180

 Four (90) Minute Sessions_$245


All Monthly Treatment Plan Sessions Must Be Used Within 4 Weeks of Purchase Date


 Regular Packages

 Three (120)Minute Sessions__$285

  Three (90)Minute Sessions__$200

 Three (75)Minute Sessions__$160

  Three (60)Minute Sessions__$130

 Three (45)Minute Sessions__$100

  Three (30)Minute Sessions__$80





Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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